The going is tough today.  We're managed only 15 km/ hour but we climbed to 10,500 feet or 3252 meters through the Sagirdasht Pass.

Gas anyone?

Tajik kids just hanging out-

The Obikhingou River where we had to wait for an hour for an 'escort' (not sure why) to lead us along the goat trail-

The view -

We came to this fork in the road: left or right?  Luckily a local came along.  It was left-

The route-

The thin white line is the road we were on-

A village in the middle of absolutely nowhere!

One of the larger cattle herds along the way.  The tent on the left will be 'home'-

The woman on the bottom left is making manure pancakes - drying them on the rock to burn for fuel-


An avalanche area-

We went down these roads-

We had lunch at Kala i Kum and Afghanistan is just across the Pyanj River-

Tajikistan on the left, Afghanistan on the right of the Pyanj River-

Stone fences encircle graves-

I paid 18 sonomi ($ 3.60) for this vodka and 14 sonomi ($ 2.80) for the juice!  Go figure!

Here is our bush camp tonight.  Notice the snow on the mountains-

Looking forward to more Pamir Highway driving tomorrow!


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