Kochkor, Lake Song Kol, Kyrgyzstan

This morning at 4:50, through my tent, I was looking at Orion and listening to the most beautiful singing - call to mosque.  Heaven!

We drove to Kochkor en route to Lake Song Kol.  This is along the way-

A typical sheep herder's trailer set up for summer-

I bought one shyrdak which is a layered felt carpet as well as a hand stitched wall hanging-

Lunch was a great salad and borscht-

Here was a drink stand!  Out of the trunk of a car!

On the way to Lake Song Kol-

Harvest time-

Lake Song Kol is 20 km across and 3016 meters.  There are a lot of yurts scattered in the hills, lots of horses grazing freely and many sheep- 

Dave and I were on supper duty.  Our yurt is the third building from the left.  Neal is wearing a traditional Kyrgyz hat-

We sat around the fire, drinking beer, listening to guitar having a great night!


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