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Kanchanaburi, Thailand

In Kanchanaburi, 60,000 Allied POWs and 120,000 conscripted laborers from Southeast Asia were used by the Japanese to build a bridge connecting Thailand to Burma as a supply route for Japan to gain access and control other west Asian countries.  Japan occupied Thailand in 1942-1943.  It was estimated that it would take 5 years to link the 2 countries over 415km but it took only 16 months.  

It was only used for 20 months before the Allies bombed it, then it became an escape route for the Japanese.

The Death Railway Bridge, also known as the Bridge over the River Kwai is 300 meters long.  The center part is not original because it was bombed in 1945.  

Mae Nam Khwae Yai river-

The Allied War Cemetery has 6982 POWS interred.  About half were Brits and most others were from Australia and the Netherlands.  They think about 100,000 workers died during the construction of the bridge, most from southeast Asia , however, there isn't one grave to remember them.

The Chinese cemetery is adj…

Bangkok, Thailand

Wat Pho, or the Temple of the Reclining Buddha was the first public university in Thailand, offering courses in science, religion and literature.  

Giant Buddha is 46 meters long and 15 meters high.  He's covered in gold leaf.  

His feet are 5 meters long and decorated with mother of pearl in characteristics of Buddha.

There are 108 bronze bowls running along the wall and one can purchase 108 coins for good luck.  108 refers to the number of positive symbols and actions that helped Buddha to perfection.

There are over 1000 gilded images of Buddha in the complex-

Bangkok, Thailand

The Grand Palace was built in 1782 and is made up of government offices, the royal residence, throne halls and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha.  It covers 218,000 square metres!

The Emerald Buddha was carved in 1434 from a block of green jade and was found in a stupa in Chiang Rai.  Initiallly, it was covered in plaster but some plaster had flaked off the nose, revealing the green color.  The abbot who noticed this thought the 'green' was emerald, hence the name.  Today, this temple is one of the most venerated in all of Thailand-

The Buddha is very small and dressed in three diferent outfits throughout the year, depending on the season-

I really like the exterior of the bellfry. It's so ornate and colorful-

The Borom Phiman Mansion was built in western style in 1903.  Today, visiting heads of State and guests of Their Majesties stay here-

Interesting sculptures -

The colored parts are pieces of colored glass that shine in the sun-

They are super cool!
The Prasat Phra The…