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Santa Maria Beach, Cuba

Let's play dress up for the tourists!  Nice cigar!

The Santa Maria beach is beautiful!


The second baseball game I saw in a week-

A fragment of the former city wall-

My time in Cuba has been great.  The people are friendly,  the architecture is fantastic and the rum.....

Havana, Cuba, Day 4

Today was a big museum day.  First stop was the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes.  It's a beautiful building-

Currently there is a modern art exposition that was quite interesting.  Interesting in the fact of what constitutes 'art'.  There were over 100 paintings of penises, each one representing a particular person and depicting who they are and what they do.  Vito Acconci is a landscape architect, installation and performance artist and an American designer.  I'm not sure the connection here but it's kind of funny-

 "The perceived and the not perceived".  In one of these 6 photos, one hair was removed!  

Kendell Geers, a South African, is responsible for "Hanging Piece 1993".  It's one of the rare works of art a person can touch.  You have to walk right through to continue the tour!

Jose Medina, a Mexican, (1807-1874) depicts " La adoracion de los reyes magos"-

This is a crazy one by Escuela Cuzquena from Peru called "La apari…

Back to Havana from Vinales!

I've always wondered if sunscreen really worked.  Yesterday I spent 30 minutes tanning my front.  I only put sunscreen on my tattoos because I don't want them to fade.  I guess Ombrelle does a pretty fine job-

Another cool car, this time in Vinales-

Garment workers in Vinales-

After waiting and hoping that not all of the people with reservations on Viazul from Vinales to Havana showed up, I got a seat, so at 1 pm, was back in Havana.

The Museo Napoleonico contains over 7000 artifacts associated with the life of Napoleon Bonaparte.  The sugar baron Julio Lobo and politician Orestes Ferrara were great Napoleon fans and left their collection and a gorgeous four story home in Vedado to the city-
Andrea Appiana painted this portrait of Napoleon in Milan-

This is an actual bicornio that Napoleon I wore in the 19th century-

This bust of Napoleon I was done by Raffaello Romanelli in the 19th century-

This is a remake of Napoleon's dining room-

I love this painting called Promenad…