Gonder to Lalibela, Ethiopia, November 30, 2015

Homes in Gonder are not like I'm used to-

People live  behind the doors and into the back part as well.  Kids play in between-

Agriculture is a huge part of the Ethiopian way of life-

It's harvest time-

Human swathers-

Cattle do the threshing by walking on the sheaves of grain-


Wash day-

Water is transported from the well, if the community is lucky, or from the river, to the villages.  Large yellow jugs are used and sometimes, a donkey carries the weight-

Playing foosball-

Lunch was a fasting meal, something they do Wednesdays and Fridays - no meat.  We had injera with a tomato/bean topping.  The injera is used to scoop the sauce - no utensils.  It was very good, not as sour as what I had in Gonder-

I think this is the winner of ALL time: the outside-

It was a balancing act on the logs across the hole-

These two just showed up at a pee stop.  Not sure what they were up to-

The last kilometers to Lalibela -

Tomorrow we're off to see the 11 churches carved in the rock!


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