Angel's Armchair, Livingstone, Zambia, February 7, 2016

This morning I crossed into Zambia-

to visit Angel's Armchair, a natural infinity pool found on Livingstone Island in the middle of the Zambezi Rver, on TOP of Victoria Falls-

Dougie, Helen, me, Jess, Poppy, Adam, Rhod and Rob definitely enjoyed ourselves.  Yes that's the 100m drop of the falls behind us... right behind us-

Looking down-

Devil's Pool is usually where groups go until the water gets too high.  It's in the background-

Getting there was a bit complicated because Canadians can't get multiple entry visas for Zimbabwe.  That meant I bought a $75 US visa a week ago and then because I crossed the bridge to Zambia for 4 hours, I not only had to buy a $20 US Zambian visa but another $75 US Zimbabwean visa to return.  

I also had a good afternoon, watching bungee jumping, gorge swinging and zip lining as well as eating great Thai curry and drinking fabulous South African Shiraz - Graham Beck.  I first found it in Winnipeg years ago when Nico was sick and it's still as good as ever :)

Looking forward to Chobe National Park in Botswana and an added bonus?  From now on, entry to countries is free!  No more visas!


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