Elephant Sands Lodge, Botswana, February 9, 2016

Driving from Kasane to Elephant Sands Lodge-

Botswana is a lot of trees and grass                  -

But there are government sponsored farming operations with very modern four wheel drive tractors, mostly Massey Ferguson-

Elephant Sands Lodge has a watering hole for elephants and about 500 live nearby.  I am sitting in the restaurant watching - they are  really close!

Chalets for rent are in the background.  Many have been flattened by angry, thirsty elephants so hope I'll be all right in my tent!  We've been warned to make sure we check outside before getting up in the night to avoid meeting a surprised Dumbo.

Check out the sign-

Off to Maun in the morning.  


  1. You all seem to be fearless being so close to wild animals, but the experience.......breathtaking x


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