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Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala, October 31, 2016

There are 4 Spanish students staying here with Odillia, Adolfo, Saira and Hector- 

  We each have our own bedroom-

And share a bathroom which is outside, through the kitchen-

We eat 3 meals/day with our hosts except Sunday is their day off-

There is room for a car and motorcycle in the front part of the casa-

The foyer is the 'garden'-

The backyard is bordered with a high cement wall covered in vine-

There is a nice terrace on the second floor-

which looks at Volcan Agua, unfortunately clouded over-

School starts at 8 am.  My teacher, Sheny Garcia-

is very good and extremely patient!  She's going to need a lot of patience working with me!  I heard a lot; took 8 pages of notes and will have homework every night.  
There are about 80 students at the Antiguena Spanish Academy, each with his/her own private teacher.  It costs $175 US/week for 20 hours of instruction, 7 nights accommodation and 6 days of meals.  
Tables are spread out in a large garden-

I am on a rooftop terrace.  We study …

On the road again! October 30, 2016

I left Saskatoon this morning at 10:15 for Calgary, then on to Houston and arrived in Guatemala City at 9:15. Thanks to Jane and Nico-

who drove me into the airport.  I've had a fabulous 7 and a half months spending a lot of time with them and have loved every minute of it.  
I know Nico is going to be a lot different when I see him in April but with FaceTime, I'm not going to be completely out of the loop.

So things started out in a panic and just sort of carried on that way!  I visited with Jane and Nico until I thought it was time to go but ended up in a long security line and finally, 5 people from the X-ray machine, heard last call for my flight.  So I had to budge ahead and run.  Last person on the plane!  Pant, pant, heart pounding!  Arrived in Calgary to go through U.S. Customs, which is a good idea because Houston can be a real shit show!  Eventually, an Air Canada rep came through the lines, asking for people on my flight to move to the front.  Lucky me - I was "ch…