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Placencia, Belize, January 30 - 31, 2017

I'm having great sleeps in my miniature room.  It holds a twin bed, coffee table and small fan.  The best thing is-

the exit sign above the door!  It's hilarious!
Sail Fish Resort was a former yacht club.  It was purchased 3 years ago and remodelled-

It's on an island-

So to get from the mainland to the resort, I have to either yell across or ring the doorbell-

And then someone comes and picks me up-

There isn't much to see in Placencia besides the beach-

and restaurants.  I like the colors at the Barefoot Bar-

Homes, hotels, restaurants and shops line the sidewalk running parallel to the beach and Main Street.  The sidewalk is only for pedestrians-

Friends from Calgary, Neale and Krista Cruickshank, are driving from Hopkins for lunch tomorrow!  I'm really looking forward to seeing them!

Sailing: Caye Caulker to Dangriga, Belize, January 27-29, 2017

21 passengers and 4 crew left Caye Caulker at 9 am Friday on the Ragga Empress.  We were Americans, Canadians, Germans and Chileans.  Most apparently booked online ahead of time.  I had read about Raggamuffin Tours but only booked while in Caye Caulker, sort of last minute.  Raggamuffin Tours has an excellent reputation, a great crew on board and friendly staff at the office.  The 3 day, 2 night tour cost $400 US and that included 2 nights accommodation, all meals and snacks, snorkeling, fishing, and all the booze you could drink.  The crew was excellent and I would definitely recommend the trip.  
The catamaran we were on easily held the 25 of us-

The Caribbean sea is beautiful and we were pretty much alone the 3 days.  We did see some cruise ships but from a distance.  Being in the middle of nowhere meant the reef was untouched so very healthy.  In some places, you have to lay completely horizontal to get over the coral.  The sponge, coral, plant and fish life was amazing.  So much be…

Caye Caulker, January 24-26, 2017

My days are basically the same.  I wake up early, make coffee, read the Star Phoenix (don't ask me why), go for a walk, find breakfast or make it, lay on the dock or the beach, maybe get wet if I get too hot, eat lunch, read a book, lay some more on the deck, go for another walk, have a beer or two, go for another walk, go to bed.  Not too exciting but I'm taking the motto of Caulker to heart:  Go slow!
I have, however, seen a few interesting things.  
The owner of the Roughrider Inn is from Regina but not here right now-

I also found another Rider No Trespassing sign.  The couple that lives there is from Saskatoon and have built 3 minimalist houses to rent out to friends and family.  Also, while buying coffee grounds for the journey ahead, I visited with the former director of education of Compton, California!  I know Nico would have been over the moon to meet him!  Nico used to have on his FB page that he was from Compton High.  The director had 1800 teachers working for him an…

Belize Diving, January 22, 2017

I was up early, as usual, so was raring to go by 8:30 when I was to show up at Frenchie's Dive Shop.  I felt really comfortable: the front staff was excellent - very helpful, friendly and happy.  In no time, I was suited up and boarded on the boat, heading for Tacklebox and Esmeralda dive sites, which are east of San Pedro, Caye Abergris-

We did a back entry into the water, I popped up immediately and gave the 'ok' sign to... No one was paying attention.  While suiting up, I told them I needed 8 or 9 kg of weight.  Everyone just laughs at that, but it's true.  No dive master will give me that much but they carry extra in their pockets, just in case.  Sure enough, I got rid of the air in my BCD - kind of like a life jacket that holds the tank, and I went no where.  I had been assigned to dive with George, but he was no where in sight.  Juan came along, gave me more weight and down I went.  I stayed very close to Juan and the dive went well.  We didn't see a lot of ma…