Sunday, March 5, 2017

Utila, Honduras el 2 a 5 marzo, 2017

Time moves pretty slowly on Utila.  We had a great room at an excellent hotel but the diving was only so so.  Utila is popular because cheap diving courses are available.  Aquatic life is sparse but there are some corals.  I wasn't very impressed, which is why I only did 4 dives.  

However, there are a few interesting sites around town.  First is RJ's.  It's a restaurant that is only open 3 evenings a week.  I had kingfish and it came with coleslaw, pork and beans (not even frijoles), rice, potatoes and garlic bread.  The fish was excellent  Dessert was skor/caramel/chocolate cake-

Wandering around we came upon Jade Seahorse which is a weird complex with a garden of mosaic type statues and floors-

They are made from broken pieces of ceramic tile and old bottles.  There's also a great view-

There are weird statues-



and rentable cabins-

There's a cool piece built from old computer parts too-  

I can't imagine the hours put into building this outdoor art gallery!

Another interesting place Is Camponado Alley.  Lots of locals live along this street but it's built in a swamp!  Gross-

The kids do have a soccer field to play on-

We had a beer on the nice deck of Utila Lodge-

I've enjoyed my time at Utila but I'm looking forward to a bit "more" tomorrow at Roatan!

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