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Panama City, Panama, September 30, 2017

I started the day with a visit to the Museo Del Canal Interoceanic de Panama.  It presents the history of Panama with a more indepth history of the canal.   It was very interesting and I couldn't believe I spent 2 hours there!  Unfortunately no pictures were allowed.  
Then, I walked down along the bay to the fish market and had my first ceviche mixto  - shrimp, octopus, calamari and snapper.  Unfortunately it wasn't my favorite.  As usual they served it with soda crackers.
I kept walking along the water and decided to check out the hostel where Madventure is staying.  Unfortunately Jan wasn't there - naturally I didn't call ahead, but I had a great visit with Bob, a Canadian from Barry, Ontario who is also on the trip.  It's interesting because I contacted Bob when I was first considering an overland with Madventure and now 3 years later, we meet!  
After the hostel visit, where I wish I was staying - very quiet, very new, very clean compared to Luna's Castle whi…

Panama Canal, Mercado des Mariscos, Casco Viejo, September 29, 2017

The beds in my dorm at Luna's Castle are sort of like capsule beds in Japan-

We each have our own light and a curtain we can pull for privacy but unfortunately no plug in.  The curtains work really well to keep out the cold - I decided to book a room with AC after hearing about the horrendous heat and humidity in Panama.  It rains often so how could it be any different?  The AC in our room is excellent and luckily I have a couple of blankets.  Also, when I pull the curtain closed, my bed becomes a private room of my own.
After an included breakfast of pancakes, I started out for Miraflores to see the canal.  It was pouring but fortunately after about 20 minutes it stopped, at least enough to get going.  It is possible to go with Uber to the canal - two girls did it yesterday for $6 US each way, but I decided to check out the very new metro instead.  After a 20 minute walk down a pedestrian only very commercial street, I came to the station.  After buying a plastic, rechargeable card…

Mexico City to Panama City, September 28, 2017

I had a great 6 hour sleep on the Aeromexico flight from Calgary to Mexico City.  I had three seats to myself and before I knew it, we were being told to prepare for landing.
Mexico City Airport is naturally a busy place but has the comforts of home:  Starbucks and 7-11!  Free wifi is available but only for a few minutes each time.
Going through security, my IPad was tested for chemicals and set off the alarm!  I haven't had it out of its case for a couple of years so the chemicals were probably dirt and filth!  Anyway, it resulted in not 1, but 2 pat downs.  They are like mini massages and so I never refuse one!
I am staying at the Luna Castle Hostel in Casco Vieja - the old city.  From the balcony-

is a nice view of the new city.  Some of the buildings rival those in Dubai-

I hope to get a better picture of this sky scraper.  It's made out of green glass and looks like a giant Jenga tower-

After getting settled in my dorm, I went walking.  Casco Viejo is either in ruins or restore…

Central and South America - Here I come! September 27, 2017

As the days get shorter, leaves turn yellow and frost threatens, it's time for me to get out before it gets too cold and the snow starts to fly.  I am on my way to Panama City for a week and then on to Cartagena, Colombia where I will join Madventure for my third overland.  We leave Cartagena October 8 to drive down the west coast of South America to the southern tip at Ushuaia, Argentina and then up the east coast to Rio de Janeiro in time for the carnival February 9, 2018.

It was not easy leaving today.  I had the privilege of looking after Nico a couple days a week this summer and I fell in love with him.  He is so fun and cute and happy and cuddly and curious and smart and..... Just plain awesome!

He's 18 months old and will be a completely different boy when I get home in 6 months.  I'm going to miss him!  Thank goodness for FaceTime!