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Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia, November 30, 2017

Tuesday was my 56th birthday and, believe it or not, it was also Leanne's birthday, although she was turning 60.... a bit older than me.  Anyway, I was biking the Death Road and Ninja did get us a cake but I wasn't told anything about it so didn't see it, didn't eat any etc.  So, I decided to buy my own.  Last night I went to the 'cake store'.  Now, I would never think such a place would be busy in a poor town like this but there was a cake box sitting on the counter and the woman in front of me was pointing at the last cake on the shelves.  Talk about good timing!  Anyway, things worked out because I was told to come back this morning at 10 and there would be fresh cakes.  And boy, were there fresh cakes!  There were 11 until I bought one and another woman was waiting behind me to buy her's.  Because today was busy and most people were touring until dark, we're having cake tomorrow for breakfast-

Six of us went with the same tour company to tour Salar d…

Uyuni, Bolivia, November 29, 2017

Sadly, we left the hotel at 7 this morning via a transfer to the truck that was parked in El Alto.  We had a 9 hour drive to get to Uyuni.  I wish we'd have had another day in La Paz.  It's a great city!
Along the way.....
Oruro has the weirdest building in its main traffic circle.  It's surrounded by animals: frogs, crabs and snakes and there is real grass-

We drove through the industrial part of Oruro - oh what a dump of a place!  Look at the garbage-

Another town had this huge character-

Scenery along the way-

Then we came to these weird rock formations.  I think it must be sandstone that's been shaped by the wind-

Since we entered Peru, we've been driving through desert, hills, sand and land that, unless it's irrigated, is good for absolutely nothing - miles and miles and miles of it.  The buildings are the same-brick or adobe, and there are very few rural people.  I know it's the older generation still farming, that the younger people don't want the hard …

Biking Death Road, Bolivia, November 28, 2017

What a day!  We left La Paz at 8:30 for La Cumbre, which is at 4800 meters.  It was sleeting so I was pretty sure I wasn't getting on a bike but once we got geared up, I was warm, so away I went-

Death Road is 64 km long and mostly downhill except for about 8 km.  We put our bikes on top of the van and drove that part-

Between 200-300 people used to die here annually but few cars use the road today.  They've built another safer highway-

We were pretty high and had occasional glimpses of blue sky.  We were told when we booked that we would be given waterproof clothing so I left all mine in my backpack.  It wasn't even close to waterproof!  I was soaked in no time and my hands were numb.  It's hard to squeeze your brakes when your hands are frozen!

As we descended, I warmed up.  I was wearing my runners because my hiking boots were in the truck, far away in a compound, so my feet were soaked.  Once when we stopped, I could actually wring out my socks.  The road is very narro…