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Day 1 - Burgos - Fromista, October 1, 2018

I had an okay sleep and by 9 am, maybe 9:30, was on the road.  I plan to do 50 km/day to get to Santiago in 10 days but after today, I have my doubts.  Burgos is in the bottom left corner and I went to the 4th town Frómista - 67.5 km.  Holy shit it was a big day and the worst is that I'm travelling through the mesita which means small plateau.  It's prairie with over 1 km high rises in elevation so that is not really prairie to me-  I could be in for some long and difficult days-

Leaving the hostel with a smile, not having a fricking clue what I was in for-

Because I arrived so late last night, I only saw Burgos this morning.  The old city is walled-

Inside is the Burgos Cathedral.  It was closed so I wasn't able to go inside but it looks pretty gothic and gigantic-

The route started on pavement in the city.  I liked that but soon was on rocky roads.  There are a lot of elderberry growing wild in the ditches-

There are a lot of markers along the way, helping we poor suckers fin…

Madrid to Burgos, España, September 30, 2018

What a shit show today!  I had a great sleep, finally, but then had to redo my blog so that took some time.  It was 11:00 by the time I left the hostel with the intention of taking the metro to the bus station and getting a ticket for the 1 pm bus.  The metro is only a 3 minute walk from the hostel so that was perfect.  I also had a final visit to Puerto Del Sol-

Gone are the days of little single paper metro tickets.  I had to by a plastic card (tarjeta) for $3.75 and then put more on it to go to my station.  The man at information suggested I take a bus because it only costs $2.25.  First mistake.  He showed me where the bus stop was - only a couple of short blocks away.  He tried to give me a map but I refused, saying I knew where it was.  Second mistake.  So I walked and walked and walked.  I needed bus 52 and finally saw one so went to that street, Gran Via actually-

and walked some more.  I found bus stops (paradas), but none that were for #52.  I asked a few bus drivers and they …

Madrid, España, September 29, 2018

I had my blog ready to post last night and then poof, it was gone!  I hate that - so much work!  So I will try again.   After a poor sleep, I'm not sure if it's jet lag or what but I was asleep by 10:30 and then awoken when someone moved in at 11:15.  The last time I looked at the time it was 2:15 so I woke up pretty tired.  Eventually I got moving and my first stop was back at Puerto Del Sol which is the main square.  It's packed from morning until late in the evening.  King Carlos III sits on his horse-

I decided to check out Retiro Park and walked along Gran Via which is Madrid's "Broadway".  The buildings have Art Nouveau and Art Deco facades and are gorgeous-

There are 30,000 leaves of 24 carat gold on this cupola-

A block further down the street is the Fuente de Cibeles, built in 1782.  It depicts the Roman goddess of fertility and agriculture Cibeles sitting on a chariot drawn by 2 lions, the mythological creatures Hippomenes and Atalanta-

Cibeles and the l…