Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Cameroon Border, February 20, 2019

I had a great sleep under the watchful eye?? of the Cameroon military.  After breakfast, (we luckily found eggs down the street), Will, Mark and I went back to Nigeria to see what the results of all their phone calls yesterday might be.  Much to my surprise, they had a plan!  We had to take our passports and the truck papers to Ikon to be photocopied, I had to write a couple of letters stating our desires and then after almost 4 hours, we came back to wait by the truck for Cameroun to make their move.  However,while waiting for the photocopying to be completed, I had to pee.  I asked the girl sitting beside me, who was there with her class from school apparently learning about computers - they sat and talked the whole time we were there if there was a toilet nearby.  She said no.  I went for a walk and found one at someone's home and came back to the shop.  After a few minutes she asked me     "you have poo?"  What?  I asked .  She repeated herself - "you have poo?"  I laughed and told her no, I only had to pee.  Too funny.  
Once back, the group had made a delicious lentil soup and then we waited and waited some more.  We have worked out a deal with Nigeria that they will let us come back into their country, spend the night in Ikom and drive north to the border we wish to use.  But, that is only if Cameroon will cancel our entry stamp.  Our group, except for Andy who just recently joined us, all have double entry visas to Cameroon but we want to save the second one for when we leave Equitorial Guinee.  Few of the Oasis group have double entry visas so they are a bit hooped.  Will and Mark have spoken to immigration numerous times and even taken a "void" stamp in with them to help them along.  If they won't cancel our entry stamp, Nigeria won't let us in so we may be here awhile!

6:20 pm

After much negotiating with both the military and immigration, even though the Cameroun border is closed, we are on our way back into Nigeria!. The military is very drunk and walking around waving rifles, there has been an argument/scuffle between a couple of passengers – that's what happens when you have nothing to do and all afternoon to drink and living on the street in the middle of a civil war so we are definitely needing to get out of here.  I'm looking forward to sleeping in a bed with air conditioning!  


  1. Well, sounds like fun for the whole family. Next time you should book with that new tour company, Ice Is Us. I hear they have a tour called War Zone Hotspots led by their guide Terry Rist. Starts and ends in Syria and you get a free AK47 with it but you have to supply your own ransom money. No need for those annoying passports with them, in fact you are encouraged to burn it or shoot holes in it. Keep the reports coming and hopefully you'll post some pictures from the Rat Patrol jeep you are riding on. Have fun, Rambo.

  2. OMG.... Everything is falling apart and only Daryle has grip on reality. Alli stick to Will like glue and be safe, sleep in shifts x


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