Monday, March 11, 2019

On our way to Lope National Park, March 10, 2019

It rained about 5 hours in the night and the water came into my tent through the ground sheet.  I kept my sleeping bag and sheet on my narrow Thermarest so stayed relatively dry, however not everyone failed so well and the 'kitchen' was a sloppy sticky mess-

Our shoes were caked with clay so a few of us walked to the highway to clean up the best  we could.  The rest just piled on the truck???  Today was a drive day as we headed south to Lope National Park.  We had good highway until it was time to turn and then it was 100 km of rough bump  Leanne and Ryan got out at the intersection because he needs a visa for Congo and therefore had to go to Libreville.  That's where I'd have preferred to go too instead of into the hot sticky jungle where there is fuck all to see.  

The only marker indicating the equator was on the other side of the road so we almost missed it.  It looks like it's had an accident-

The terrain is rolling hills and we have been along a river for a lot of the day

We had a hitchhiker for awhile-

What great camouflage-

We ended up stopping early and set up on a beautiful lookout to a river which reminded me of Jane's place-

 I'm on cook group so we are relying on whatever's under the floorboards.

Tomorrow we will make it to Lope.  

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