Thursday, January 17, 2019

Kpatawee Water Fall, Liberia, January 17, 2019

I just learned this morning that my friend Tammey's mother, Joyce Crippin, died last night.  She was a spunky woman who amazed me with her energy, style and love to have fun.  She will be greatly missed-

This butterfly came for a visit this morning.  I wonder who he might be-

We were at the waterfall by 10:30 and because it was idyllic, set up camp and spent the day washing clothes, sitting in the water and enjoying the coolness-

I organized a beer run and two local men hopped on a motorbike and headed to a nearby village to fill it. We put one of the crates in the rushing water to cool it.  Michelle and I also spent some time sitting in the river, picking out glass!  What horrified me is that I had been walking in the water with bare feet - luckily not cut because there was glass everywhere.  

I'm looking forward to a great sleep!  That may seem like something weird to hope for every night, but I am used to sleeping so well at home and when I'm awake a lot in the night, the next day is harder than normal.  That might be hard to understand if you haven't been an overlander.  

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