Monday, March 7, 2016

Cape Town to North Battleford, March 6-8, 2016

Day 4-

I flew from Cape Town to Dubai -

which is a 10 hour flight, had a 9 hour layover, then flew 14 hours and 30 minutes to Toronto on a  huge Airbus A380.  It's quite the plane with suites complete with spa showers in first class, Wi-Fi, Google Street View and a 'bedroom' for staff.  Unfortunately the staff seemed to spend most of their time in the bedroom - they even changed into pyjamas!  I was disappointed with the service and food although the JD was pretty fine!

The A380 is a double decker and holds 525 people.  I chose to fly Emirates because of their reputation but .... We were on the plane 3.5 hours before we were offered anything.   I had a 3 hour layover in Toronto and barely got through customs and to the gate on time.  Then I had a 3 hour flight to Saskatoon.  Mom and Dad ❤️  picked me up and I spent a short night with them because I was back on the road at 5:15 am, heading for North Battleford.  From the time I flew out of Cape Town to the time I got to N.B., it was 52 hours!

I had an excellent adventure: I learned a lot and saw even more.  However, I think my overlanding days might be over - where I want to go next is easy to do on one's own so.......   Stay posted!

I'm excited to be home - looking forward to regular life - working a bit, enjoying my condo and MY NEW GRANDSON-

Have I mentioned him yet? 😜  


  1. I feel quite emotional for you Alli, enjoy your 'here and now' it looks pretty cool to me XXX.


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