Saturday, December 31, 2016

Beisbol in Granada, Nicaragua and San Silvestre Papa, Catarina, Nicaragua, el treinta de deciembre, 2016

La Liga Nicaragüense de Beisbol Profesional (LNBP) was originally established in 1956 but folded in 1967 because of financial difficulty.  It restarted in 2004.  We went to a game at the Estadio Roque Tadeo Zavala in Granada-

to watch the Orientales de Granada beat the Indios Del Boér 4 to 3.

Here's Brooklyn, Jaclyn, A Jay, Adele, Mark, Orville, Reinie, Michele and Barb-

Adele, Jaclyn, Orville, A Jay and Brooklyn went down to the field to meet some players-

Vendors walk around constantly calling out what they have to sell: "agua,gaseosa,cerveza" or "Casio Casio Casio"-

Fans for Indio Del Boér beat drums often, very often, during the game-

We met Barb and Reinie in Catarina for supper, then wandered around the San Silvestre celebrations which include bombas, lots of bombas, food, cerveza and ron stalls as well as carnival rides such as the Ferris wheel/zipper-

which went around soooo fast!

Kids dress up in costumes like at Halloween-

but don't ask for candy; they just wander the streets.

Bands play, what, I'm not sure.  Each member just sort of plays their own thing but at least they are 'in time'-

The crowds were crazy!  It was like Mardi Gras-

Bullet holes from the Revolution are still visible on outside walls in Catarina-

Tomorrow will be another fine day spent lounging in the lake and pool, then we're going to Barb and Reinie's to watch fireworks for New Years!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

San Juan de Oriente, Laguna Apoyo, Casa de Sol, Nicaragua, el veintinueve de deciembre, 2016

San Juan de Oriente is well known for its pottery.  Apparently 80% of the town is involved in the industry.  This girl is putting the first coat of paint on some pieces-

We were lucky enough to see a potter throw a pot.  He started with a lump of clay-

And spinning the wheel occasionally with his foot-

he began to create-

I don't think it was balanced so I don't know if he would have kept it or not but it appeared like magic-

Other workers were etching-

to produce pieces this beautiful-

Lunch was with a mirador of Laguna Apoyo-

until a mini storm rolled in-

I was thrilled with the house we had in San Juan Del Sur, but....

Casa de Sol on Laguna Apoyo is pretty amazing with an infinity pool-

and hammocks under a rooftop with pillars-

that Mark jumped off just minutes before the manager showed up and said the only rule of the property was to not jump off the roof!

Inside is just as amazing-

My bedroom-

And bathroom-

The master bedroom looks out to the laguna-

We're going to a baseball game in Granada tomorrow afternoon.  Looking forward to it!

Ometepe, Nicaragua, el veintiocho de deciembre, 2016

I went to Ometepe Island which is in Lake Nicaragua on this over crowded ferry-

I guess the good thing is that we all had, or most of us anyway, life jackets-

The island has a live volcano, Concepción on the left and Volcán Mederas, now extinct, on the right-

The beaches are black sand because of the volcanoes-

Until 1983, a road connected the island to the town of Rivas but rising lake water has made it impassable-

The Museo El Ceibo has many pre-Columbian artefacts, dating from 3500 years ago.  It was interesting to see how the styles changed from plain colors and simple to blues and reds and other decorations-

Graves were filled with jewellery, pottery and funeral urns in the shape of wombs, because that's where we have come from-

There were also rocks carved for tattooing, whistles, very ornate funeral urns in the forms of goddesses and trinkets-

The Butterfly Farm at Charco Verde was beautiful-

Huge moth like things enjoyed the watermelon and papaya-

Orange coconuts!  Small papaya, the 'Tarzan' tree and a termite nest were along the walk-

I ordered fried fish for lunch but never expected it to look like this-

It was deep fried because it lets a person eat more.  There are more bones than meat but the frying softens the bones.  The tail was also edible, tasting like potato chips!  I don't think I'll order it again!

Unfortunately the day was really windy-

So the waves were huge, and it was too cloudy to see the top of Concepción-

We visited what I thought was a 'hot' spring but it's only a spring fed natural pool.  It was warmer than Jackfish though and very clean-

Even though it rained off and on, it was a great day.  The ferry coming home was even more crowded but we made it!

Looking forward to moving on to Laguna Apoyo tomorrow!

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