Monday, October 31, 2016

On the road again! October 30, 2016

I left Saskatoon this morning at 10:15 for Calgary, then on to Houston and arrived in Guatemala City at 9:15. Thanks to Jane and Nico-

who drove me into the airport.  I've had a fabulous 7 and a half months spending a lot of time with them and have loved every minute of it.  

I know Nico is going to be a lot different when I see him in April but with FaceTime, I'm not going to be completely out of the loop.

So things started out in a panic and just sort of carried on that way!  I visited with Jane and Nico until I thought it was time to go but ended up in a long security line and finally, 5 people from the X-ray machine, heard last call for my flight.  So I had to budge ahead and run.  Last person on the plane!  Pant, pant, heart pounding!  Arrived in Calgary to go through U.S. Customs, which is a good idea because Houston can be a real shit show!  Eventually, an Air Canada rep came through the lines, asking for people on my flight to move to the front.  Lucky me - I was "chosen" for additional security so after a light massage, I was on my way, this time to hear my name called and pronounced (pretty well too) and that the flight was fully boarded except for yours truly.  Sprint to gate #2!  Houston was uneventful, even had time for perhaps my last good Shiraz and sweet potatoe fries!  31 degrees here, happy for AC!  

Orlando, my driver from the Antiguena Academy in Antigua was waiting for me outside the Guatemala City airport.  Unfortunately it was dark, so I couldn't see much of Guatemala City but hope to get back to see the sights.  He drove like a maniac on dark, twisting, turning, up and down roads.  Headlights are very dim and we were doing all right until we hit a gigantic speed bump at quite a good clip!  He laughed and rubbed the top of my head! (I had a very stiff neck for about a week.  I think I had whiplash! And it wasn't like it was his first time on that road - dummy!  

Finally, at 11 pm,  we arrived at the home of my host family and I was shown to my bedroom.  

I'm exhausted and looking forward to a long sleep!

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  1. Well Alli, I'm all ready to hear every word. You are travelling for me once again. Take special care as you have your family waiting back home.


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