Thursday, September 28, 2017

Mexico City to Panama City, September 28, 2017

I had a great 6 hour sleep on the Aeromexico flight from Calgary to Mexico City.  I had three seats to myself and before I knew it, we were being told to prepare for landing.

Mexico City Airport is naturally a busy place but has the comforts of home:  Starbucks and 7-11!  Free wifi is available but only for a few minutes each time.

Going through security, my IPad was tested for chemicals and set off the alarm!  I haven't had it out of its case for a couple of years so the chemicals were probably dirt and filth!  Anyway, it resulted in not 1, but 2 pat downs.  They are like mini massages and so I never refuse one!

I am staying at the Luna Castle Hostel in Casco Vieja - the old city.  From the balcony-

is a nice view of the new city.  Some of the buildings rival those in Dubai-

I hope to get a better picture of this sky scraper.  It's made out of green glass and looks like a giant Jenga tower-

After getting settled in my dorm, I went walking.  Casco Viejo is either in ruins or restored.  Lots of work is being done.  Él Museo de Historian de Panama is closed and draped-

as is la Cathedral Metropolitana-

Only the walls remain-

The interior has been completely gutted and once renewed, it will look something beautiful like-


Supper was creole shrimp con ensalada-

at the Coca Cola Cafe-

More walking led me to this human elevator-

Wrought iron balconies remind me of New Orleans-

Another beautiful building -

Not sure what tomorrow will bring - probably more exploring!

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  1. I love travelling and so do I love reading traveling blogs. Really enjoyed reading your whole journey and now I want to go on a road trip too


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