Saturday, April 13, 2019

Crazy Africa! Some of my Favorites!

What will you give us to cross our bridge?  

After waiting an hour or so, the water dropped enough for us to cross-

Searching the truck in the police compound at the Nigeria/Cameroon border-

Our home at the Cameroon border when Cameroon wouldn't stamp us out-

The armed posse that rode with us from Mamfe, Cameroon back to the Cameroon/Nigeria border-

Wiring in a hotel room-


Our "camp" in the police compound at the Cameroon border.  We set up with the truck "protecting" us from the nearby jungle.  About a month before we were here, rebels had been firing into the compound-

Many stores have interesting names-

Jane's birthday-

Our guard while we walked in the jungle looking for gorillas...

Our armoured escort to Mamfe-

And the best for last, my family-

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