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 Cancun, Mexico to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan,     December 31, 2023

I was up at 4:30 and walking to the bus depot by 5:30.  I wore my headlamp but the streets were so well lit it was almost like daylight.  The full coach left pretty much right on time for the airport where there are four terminals but it did not seem busy at all -  they are smart it appears and built looking towards the future.

I easily passed through security and there is no immigration so soon was on the plane.  I was hungry, having not eaten supper last night and I only had coffee, a banana, an apple and a cup or so of coconut milk for breakfast.  I didn’t eat in the airport because a hamburger alone was $25 and thought I would buy something on the plane.  I ended up getting the cheese plate because the mac and cheese as well as the curry rice bowl were those Michelina things that I don’t eat.  My “cheese board” - what a fucking joke, consisted of 3 pieces of cheese, 8 wheat thin crackers and about a teaspoon of dried apples/raisins all weighing 2.9 ounces!! for $9.  I also had an airplane bottle of wine for my fruit requirements.  When they came by with water, she only put about 5 ounces in my water bottle.  You can’t fill your water bottle at a tap in Mexico so I was relying on the airplane water which they are usually pretty generous with except I forgot I was flying with one of the worst airlines in the world - Westjet.  As well, not that it bothered me because I don’t use it but the wifi/entertainment system wasn’t working.  “Why, ” the guy behind me asked the waiter.  His reply - “it just isn’t.”  He was the same guy -Erwin, who said I couldn’t use the front bathroom which was for the 12 people sitting in front - that’s fine - I get that as they paid a shitload more than me for this shitty flight but it meant there were 2, repeat 2 bathrooms for the rest of us and yes, there was a constant lineup and the yip- yo who designed the bathroom doors put them on backwards so you had to squish by the next person as you left and they entered.  Anyway….

I was trying to sleep in a pretty much upright chair - (I don’t know if they’ve changed the seating but damn it was uncomfortable) for a 5 hour 35 minute flight not to mention we were sitting in the plane waiting for who knows what for an extra 45 minutes before we even took off.

Anyway, I was thirsty so I walked to the back of the plane to get some water and had no sooner asked and I guess I fainted!  I woke up on the floor with a couple of waitresses oogling over me.  I felt shivering and hot at the same time and asked if I could lie down on the floor back there in the kitchen.  They directed me to the back 3 seats and called for a doctor/nurse.  A woman from Red Deer came.  They took my blood pressure with some sort of wrist cuff that was probably as accurate as my Cozumel scooter’s speedometer (which didn’t move), took my oxygen saturation level with a finger clip, then stuck a paper, yes paper fricking thermometer under my tongue and told me I had a temperature of 39!  I laughed and told that dummy you can’t be serious.  That thing is a piece of paper!  I lay down for a while but it was as uncomfortable as my seat.  What they should have done, and to me this is only common sense - give me a pillow and blanket, give me juice of some sort and feed me.  What they did?  0 out of 4.  I was shivering and had a headache but I do not think I hit my head.  I was dehydrated because even my quad was cramping- that never happens - it’s always my calves.  Sitting in the back I drank a lot of water and eventually went back to my seat where I fell asleep until one of the dummies showed up and asked if I’d like apple or arrange juice.  She said they’d talked to their “doctor”.  I had a couple glasses of orange juice and gradually got feeling better.

Once in Calgary airport I had time for a burger then boarded to Saskatoon.  Mom and Dad’s friend Helen picked me up and took me to Mom and Dad’s.  We visited but I was in bed at 8 which for me was 9 and considering I had been up since “3:30” probably wasn’t so strange.  

I am looking forward to 2024 as a year filled with adventures, good health, love, happiness, friendship and courage to live my life to the fullest!  Happy New Year!  

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  Cancun, Mexico to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan,     December 31, 2023 I was up at 4:30 and walking to the bus depot by 5:30.  I wore my headlam...