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On the Road Again, el seis de Abril, 2017

I was packed, thanks to Menu, and ready to go to the airport by 10 this morning.  My cab driver was very helpful in finding me a wheelchair and getting me to the front of the line.  However, when the check in girl realized I had 3 seats and no identification for the 2 empty ones, she disappeared to the office for a good half hour.  Eventually she returned and I was given 3 boarding passes-

I was starving so ordered-

which just cost a smooth $10.71!  That's not bad considering wine was over $14!!  Oh well.  I put the trays down and elevated my foot.  Three waitresses came along and informed me that "people eat off those trays you know!"  To be honest, my foot was probably a lot cleaner than most people's hands.  The last one to tell me that then looked at my foot in horror and asked if anyone had offered me ice.  No I said, but she didn't return with any either!
While dealing with insurance, I was offered 2 flight itineraries.  The first was Roatan to Houston to Calg…

Adios Roatan, el cinco de Abril, 2017

After 5 months and a week, my 2016-2017 adventure is coming to an end.  I am ready to come home, especially now-

My foot is feeling a lot better even though it is quite blue!  I can put weight on it without any pain - I don't mind you, but I had to experiment.
I treated myself to shellac toes and fingers for a smooth $22.89 CAN.  Last time I had it done at home, it cost $80-

We'll see how long they last!
I had to move into the 6 bedroom dorm for the night and luckily got a bottom bunk.  There are only 2 other guests so I'll be fine as long as the fans blow.  It might be a bit of an inferno-

I've spent this week sitting in the reclining deck chairs, watching iguanas -

Pumpkin, the psycho 3 month old cat-

'plays' with smaller geckos and iguanas until they're too dead to play anymore but she won't tackle a big one like this.   Too bad because I'd like to watch that fight.  A much larger bright green one crawled across the neighbor's roof this morning too.…

Roatan, Honduras, el cuatro de Abril, 2017

Things aren't going too well.  Sunday night, after rinsing my coffee pot in the downstairs bathroom, I leapt onto the ladder going up to my room, coffee pot in hand, made about four steps, lost my balance and fell off.  I can see myself falling:  coffee pot in left hand, raised in the air, as if toasting the world, right leg straight and stretched back to take the blow of the hard, concrete and tile floor.  My right heel hit the floor, I fell backwards, rolling onto my back, my head hit the wooden bookcase and I rolled forward.  Shit I thought.  I wiggled and touched everywhere and felt good!  Could I possibly have survived unscathed?  No, my right foot was numb with pain in the heel.  I could painlessly wiggle my toes and turn my ankle left to right, front to back but pressing on the heel hurt.  I sat there and willed it to be instantly better - didn't work :) so had a guest call Mel who got me set up in the cando - it's a container turned into living quarters with a kitc…

Roatan, Honduras, el primero de Abril, 2017

I had today off so made the very best of it!  Arlene, Mercedes and I met at Lawson Rock, a private resort where Mercedes lives, to go snorkeling.  The marina is beautiful and I guess they decided it's easier to walk out than to swim! We snorkeled past the turquoise blue way out to the reef-

We had lunch at Anthony's Key, another fancy resort-

Arlene and I took the water taxi from West End to West Bay.  This was the first time I had been on the taxi this far so it was nice to see the beach from the water.  Thank goodness there were no cruise ships in today!

Fun in the sun!  This was not a worker but a tourist.  He did pretty well.  This is about as high as they will let you go-

There's a different sand sculpture every day-

We snorkeled for an hour at the wall and then made our way to Las Rocas for happy hour and great mojitos that are made with mint which I like much better than the ones we had on Little Corn that were made with basil-

Mercedes joined us just in time for sunset-