Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Roatan, Honduras, el cuatro de Abril, 2017

Things aren't going too well.  Sunday night, after rinsing my coffee pot in the downstairs bathroom, I leapt onto the ladder going up to my room, coffee pot in hand, made about four steps, lost my balance and fell off.  I can see myself falling:  coffee pot in left hand, raised in the air, as if toasting the world, right leg straight and stretched back to take the blow of the hard, concrete and tile floor.  My right heel hit the floor, I fell backwards, rolling onto my back, my head hit the wooden bookcase and I rolled forward.  Shit I thought.  I wiggled and touched everywhere and felt good!  Could I possibly have survived unscathed?  No, my right foot was numb with pain in the heel.  I could painlessly wiggle my toes and turn my ankle left to right, front to back but pressing on the heel hurt.  I sat there and willed it to be instantly better - didn't work :) so had a guest call Mel who got me set up in the cando - it's a container turned into living quarters with a kitchen - 

I get 3 nights here, then will have to move.  I've been in touch with insurance and the medical team has recommended I go home early - this Thursday is the earliest they can get but I'm home in one day, with assistance.  This morning the travel team will determine if they will fund the changed flight or not.  If they won't, then I will stay until Saturday and do my original flights which have an over night in Houston :(

I went to Clinic Esperanza which is a 2 minute drive away.  For immediate service, I paid $28.38 Can which included 30 pills of Aleve, crutches and doctors filling out insurance forms.  I had to go to Coxen Hole for the X-rays - $79.46 Can so Mercedes my Spanish teacher drove me there.  I took a cab back.  The radiologist??? (the guy who took the X-rays, who knows his qualifications??), said I have a fractured calcaneus, evident by a small white line in the xray.  The doctors at the clinic said nothing was broken until I pointed out the white line and then they were sort of dismissive about it, not rude but I don't think they think it's broken.  Anyway, it's still swollen-

And bruised-

My new best friends-

Before I found my new besties, I had to crawl around on all fours and bum slide down the many stairs. The skin is gone from my right knee-

Even if insurance doesn't come through and send me home early, it's not so bad here.  I have a comfortable place to sleep with a bathroom on the same level, breakfast and supper served, a swimming pool and comfortable deck chairs.  Arlene, my British/Aussie friend comes to visit, as does Mercedes.  Menu and Lorena have been super helpful: moving my stuff, packing and bringing me things.  Ever since I moved up to the loft, I've seen myself falling.  I tried to stop the visions and foreshadowing but couldn't.  I'm just thankful I fell from about 4 feet rather than 12!

Such craziness!  And so this morning I await the email from insurance.....

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  1. Oh Alli, I've been away and today caught up with your news. So sorry​ to hear of your fall. The brilliant day you had recently and then this.
    Sending my love and hope you get home safely. Just think of all those lovely hugs from Nico x


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