Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Adios Roatan, el cinco de Abril, 2017

After 5 months and a week, my 2016-2017 adventure is coming to an end.  I am ready to come home, especially now-

My foot is feeling a lot better even though it is quite blue!  I can put weight on it without any pain - I don't mind you, but I had to experiment.

I treated myself to shellac toes and fingers for a smooth $22.89 CAN.  Last time I had it done at home, it cost $80-

We'll see how long they last!

I had to move into the 6 bedroom dorm for the night and luckily got a bottom bunk.  There are only 2 other guests so I'll be fine as long as the fans blow.  It might be a bit of an inferno-

I've spent this week sitting in the reclining deck chairs, watching iguanas -

Pumpkin, the psycho 3 month old cat-

'plays' with smaller geckos and iguanas until they're too dead to play anymore but she won't tackle a big one like this.   Too bad because I'd like to watch that fight.  A much larger bright green one crawled across the neighbor's roof this morning too.  They are everywhere!  Glad they're not dangerous.

My flights are confirmed:  the first is Roatan to Houston and I have 3 seats booked so I can stretch out.  When I tried to check in, the seats weren't together!  Too funny!  It took another email to my insurance company to get it sorted.  From Houston I fly first class with Delta to Minneapolis, then to Saskatoon, again first class to arrive at 11:45 pm.  I have wheelchair service in all airports and will be picked up at this hostel and dropped off at Mom and Dad's.  Pretty sweet!

Mercedes, Arlene and I-

went to Sundowners in West End for a pre-supper drink.  Sundowners is a very busy gringo bar.  We had to have an island institution, a Zack Attack which is a mix of vodka, lime and coconut milk-

It was refreshing but certainly not a Monkey LaLa!  Supper at Oasis was plentiful but disappointing.  It's supposedly one of the better restaurants in West End.

Mercedes and I-

will keep in touch.  She desperately wants to learn French and so we may be able to exchange lessons.  Time will tell.

Arlene lives at Bondi Beach, a suburb in Sydney.  We plan to keep in touch as well-

I'm looking forward to getting home! 

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