Wednesday, January 7, 2015

You know you're in Gizo if.....

You know you're in Gizo if.....
It pours for hours at a time and the only water laying around is in the huge craters in the streets.
Speaking of huge craters in the streets-
When the stewardess explains the safety procedures on the airplane, she reminds you that it is prohibited to consume any alcohol you may have brought with you and not to chew or spit betel!
Speaking of betel, it's the main item for sale at the market and all over town.
All the stores are run by Chinese.
Gizo Hotel is the only place with wifi.
If the ferry leaves at 8, that probably means 8:30. We're on Solomon time.
Power outages are common. Why wouldn't they be with a diesel engine generating power for the entire island!
One can hear music blaring from somewhere all night long and usually hooting and hollering to go with it.
Every vehicle looks like it's been rolled ... at least once!
There is garbage everywhere, and I mean everywhere-
Swimming is prohibited in the sea because that's where the sewer goes!
Everything is expensive! $30 for a dorm room without a bathroom or A/C! That's more expensive than Australia!
You can't eat for less than 50 Sol - $7.69 Canadian.
The only permanent white people own the dive shop!

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