Monday, February 6, 2023

Day 4, Yoga School, Rishikesh, India, February 6, 2023

My intention for today was to try and enjoy myself.  It was hard.  I don’t really have stiff muscles but my joints are tight, I am not very flexible nor am I strong so I have difficulty getting into and maintaining poses.  I hope I’ll improve.  You would think I’d have to practicing 3 hours/day.

Breakfast was fruit, rice porridge and white toast so I went across the street and had 2 fried eggs.  I found an Israeli restaurant for lunch and had hummus, falafel, pita and a really good salad with enough left over for lunch tomorrow.

A funny thing happened in my morning yoga class. The instructor was showing us how to hold our arms up and to turn them in to open up the scapula which are our back shoulder bones. He was watching me try and kept saying no no no and finally he came over to help me but my shoulders don’t move that way. He was quite surprised and I just chuckled because they have always been pretty stiff so I’m used to it.  I always blamed it on volleyball but who knows.

There is no way that I am going to pass unless some miracle happens. An instructor has to be able to do the moves and I don’t think there’s enough days in the calendar to get me to that point but, I will try my best. It isn’t like I had planned to teach anyway and all you can do is your best.

The days continue to be long and gruelling.  I think I’ve got my food situation sorted out so that’s the main thing. I am hoping for a better day tomorrow.

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