Saturday, February 4, 2023

Yoga School, Day 3, February 4, 2023

I’m not sure what to say. The morning went OK but I think my tailbone is bruised and there’s burning on the top of my thighs. I sat on a chair for a couple of classes and did what I could in yoga. I am very much out of practice and my muscles are weak. I am sure that in a couple weeks I will be doing better.

My stomach is kind of upset so I’m trying to figure out what I ate although you never can be sure.  Might be the ginger water because I’m not eating lentils or peas or beans anymore.

I was hoping to be able to sleep in tomorrow but our excursion is to some temple and it’s a sunrise trip. I know what they’re like and I’m sure it will be disappointing but I am going along. The only problem is we leave at five so there is no sleeping in all fricking week.

We should be back in time to go and see if I can find some meat in a restaurant. The meals are quite boring with mainly potatoes, broccoli and beets for vegetables or if we get a salad it’s chopped up cabbage, cucumber and one tomato for 60 people, with no dressing at all.  Sometimes we get carrots and carrots are red here not orange. There’s always chapati and rice but I don’t eat rice so I’m not eating very much which isn’t good and I’m not getting any protein. It’s a bit frustrating but I sort of knew what it was going to be like before I came.

Anyway I’m hoping for a good sleep and that next week will be better.  I was thinking today that maybe I should start setting an intention so I will do that on Monday.

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