Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Maria La Gorda, Cuba

Today was spent at Maria La Gorda where I did 2 dives. It was fantastic and I'm hoping one of the fellows I dove with will send pictures.

Along the way we passed many farms and tobacco fields in different stages of development-

The building is used to store the tobacco leaves once they are dried-

Fence posts are just trunks of trees and not very straight ones at that-

A farmer on his way to pasture-

The national anthem was being sung and the flag was raised at school this morning-

There are many ways to get around in Cuba and the traffic is crazy!

There are many possible places to dive while in Cuba.  I went to Maria la Gorda, at the far left of this map-

Maria La Gorda is all about diving.  There are over 50 dive sites, but I only got to see 2 - Yemaya and El Patio de Vanesa which is one huge luscious garden of corals, sponges and many, many fish as well as a slight current.  I saw a black and white lion fish bigger than a basketball!

The dive boats were very nice and large-

Making a great wake-

Ready to dive!

My dive buddy Hannah is from Guernsey-

Between dives, I enjoyed the beautiful beach-

A cruise/sail boat showed up with 78 people on board.  They are on an 18 day trip.  Only 2 or 3 tours happen/year, beginning in Havana-

Supper tonight was conejo con finas hierbas y chocolate amargo, or rabbit with herbs and dark chocolate-

and gazpacho Andaluz con costranes de pan, or Andalusian gazpacho with bread crumbs-

Both were excellent!  It's back to Habana tomorrow!

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