Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Vinales, Cuba

Vinales, population 27,000 is west of Havana.  There are farms along the way-

The architecture is slightly different from Havana, with railings and very bright colors-

I just can't resist the mojitos and since I lost my sunglasses, I needed a hat-

It is popular to stay in a casa particular, or local's homes.  Often, there are rocking chairs on the verandas-

This is mine.  On the bus ride out, one of the 2 bus drivers asked all the passengers if they already had lodging booked.  I didn't so I am staying here as it belongs to his family.  Five people live in the bottom apartment -

My bedroom has sleeping for 3.  There is a bottom sheet but no top sheet, just the satin bedspread.  The pillows were as hard as rocks, maybe filled with felt?

The main kitchen with Odalis the owner-

Odalis's sister, Maria, in the second kitchen-

The dining room with Dalgis and Ronald David.  The two bedrooms are behind the curtains-

The back yard is a noisy place where neighbors visit, children play, roosters crow and dogs bark.  When your window opens to this area, it's hard to get much sleep!

It costs 20 convertible pesos, or CUCs to stay here.  That's $26 Canadian.  

Supper was great - carrot, beet and noodle soup, cucumbers, tomatoes and cabbage salad, as well as really good fried fish and casava-

Tomorrow I'm off to Maria La Gorda on a day trip to the beach and diving!

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