Monday, September 19, 2022

September 19, 2022 Saskatoon to Paris!

Well the time has finally come! I am sitting in the Saskatoon airport waiting to board the first leg of my flight which will just be to Calgary. From there I will catch a flight to Charles de Gaulle (CDG) Paris and then later tomorrow evening I will fly to Bayonne/Biarritz France where I will spend the night and then explore a little bit in the morning provided I am not exhausted. Travelling east knocks the shit out of me so hopefully I will be able to sleep lots on the plane and be well rested when I finally get to France.

Jane and my wonderful grandchildren brought me in to Saskatoon. 

 We visited with my mom and dad

and then they dropped me off at the airport.

I am not sure about this trip.  Although my memory isn’t that good, I’m usually feeling pretty excited when I finally get checked in, through security and to the gate but so far I’m really not feeling it. I have had two excellent years at home – spending lots of time with Jane and her family, seeing my parents often and keeping busy working. But, I decided when I was turning 60 this past November that life was too short to sit around and not travel. However as I’m getting older, it is getting harder too.  The things I’m doing and the places I’m going are all things I have wanted to do for a while and so it is time.

I know the next seven months will fly by and I will be home before I blink but at the same time I know I will be missing a lot being away from the people I love.

Because I am walking the Camino Frances, I have a slightly larger day backpack than I am used to. 

It weighs 15 pounds and that is all I will have with me for the next 37 or so days. All guide books say it should only weigh 10% of your body weight so I am OK weight wise.  It’s a well fitting backpack so it should be OK but it’s hard to see over it when I’m carrying it in front and I will be carrying my larger backpack on my back at some point.  I hope it won’t be heavy and cumbersome.  I may have to find a Sherpa to accompany me on this trip! Or maybe I am too old for all of this!

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