Mexico City, March 15, 2018

It's a bright and sunny day!  I booked a walking tour that started at 10:30 which I thought was perfect because I could get my camera at 10 but the man never showed up until 10:45 so I missed the tour and to make matters worse, he couldn't fix it anyway!  My first stop was Iglesia San Francisco, built between 1710 and 1716.  Even though it's called ISF, it's only Balvanera Chapel.  The first two Iglesia San Franciscos sunk into the ground and the third is sinking as well.  Mexico City was originally built on an island in Lake Texcoco in 1325 by the Aztecs.  

There are huge paintings on the side walls-

The front is gaudy as usual-

There was a nice display of Salvidore Dali's bronze sculptures in a nearby park.  Nobility of Time and Dancer of Time-

Space Venus and Christ of Saint John of the Cross-

My favorite, Alice in Wonderland-

The Casa de Los Azulejos, also known San the House of Tiles is an 18th century palace that was built by the Count Del Valle de Orizaba family. …

Taxco to Mexico City, March 14, 2018

Tick, tock, tick, tock, time is running out.  Today is the last day of moving my stuff from place to place besides on Tuesday when I go to the airport.  I was at the bus terminal plenty early this morning and by paying an extra $5, I took a direct coach to DF - District Federal (Mexico City).  More than 22 million people live here - 22 million!  That's unbelieveable!
Once in the city, I took the subway from the bus station and walked 15 minutes to my hotel.  My room wasn't ready so I storaged my stuff and walked around el Centro Historico.  I found a shop that could fix my camera's flash for $40 so I haven't had my camera all day.
The Catedral is gigantic, the Zócalo the biggest yet and there is tons of shopping.  Right around the Zócalo there have to be 100 optical shops.  People on the street hand out flyers and holler.  I talked to one woman about it and I followed her to her shop.  Up some stairs, around a corner, in the back - frames, frames, frames as far as the ey…

Grutas de Cacahuamilpa, Guerrero Mexico, March 13, 2018

My mission for the day was to visit the Grutas de Cacahuamilpa which is about an hour via collectivo north of Taxco.  The tour takes 2 hours and is 4 km long.  The entrance to the cave is 40m wide and 12m tall-

When I first met the guide, I asked if he could speak slowly so I could understand.  No he said, there are Nationals on the tour.  As it turned out they were 4 elderly women from Columbia who wouldn't have minded but he spoke as fast as he could.  Asshole.  I got most of it anyway.
The cave has a mostly flat cement path that is well lit.  The guide switched the spotlights on as we entered each section-

During the tour it seemed like the biggest agenda of the guide was to point out the shapes one can see in the rocks such as different kinds of birds, Pinocchio and the Virgen de Guadeloupe.  Who cares I say.  I'll see what I see.  Of course, flash wouldn't work, even if I had one, because the formations are too far away but there are many amazing stalagmites and stalacti…

Taxco, Mexico, March 12, 2018

It seemed like I was up before I even went to bed - 2:30 came pretty early!  I arrived at the bus terminal in plenty of time and then wouldn't you know it, the bus was late by 40 minutes-

I slept until the sun came up and woke to the smell of peach juice.  These nimrods behind me spilled their juice and didn't bother to tell me so my backpack and blanket got wet and smelly.  Dummies!  Along the way-

Towns are not only set in the valley but climb up the hills.  Very little is of adobe anymore, it's all cement block-

Taxco is set on a hill and all the buildings are painted white.  It's gorgeous and reminds me of Italy-

The Aztecs dominated Taxco from 1440 until the Spaniards arrived in 1529.  In 1531, the first Spanish mine in North America was established.  The Spanish were looking for tin but only found small bits but in 1534 they discovered tons of silver.  Of course the silver was quickly depleted and it wasn't until 1743 that more silver was discovered.  Apparently,…