Thursday, March 5, 2020

Playa Linda, Mexico, el cinco de Marzo, 2020

After swimming, I had planned to go back to Playa Ropa and then go to Ixtapa to my dentist appointment.  While swimming, I had the brainwave to go to Playa Linda instead which is much closer to Ixtapa so my combi ride to the dentist wouldn’t be so long, so that’s what I did.

The beach was practically deserted so I easily found a chaise longue.  The waves were big and crashing against the shore.  Soon, a man was sitting at the next table and we started to chat and that was the beginning of a 6 hour conversation.

He’s a retired kidney stone doctor in Vancouver.  He poured out his heart to me which was okay but I’m sure he won’t make the changes he needs to in order to be happy.  He was telling me about where he’s staying - Cala de Mar which has 71 rooms, all, repeat ALL with their own private swimming pool!  And, if you want to turn your pool into a jacuzzi, the staff just turns on the heat!  He’s paying $300/night and that’s the cheapest room.  Some cost $700.  Our plan, after a lupper of pulpo, was to go there so he could show me. He also said the mini bar was well stocked and included in the room price.  However, we didn’t get on the combi until 5 pm, and that’s the last one for the evening, so he got off and I came home.

I went to Zoro’s to watch the curling, visited with Ken and Dixie from Shoal Lake and also met a man from BC who lost in the BC provincial curling semi finals.  After, I went for a short walk and felt sad about leaving tomorrow.

However, how lucky am I to have chosen to spend the most time in the best place?  I am slightly looking forward to heading off to Morelia tomorrow.  My time in Mexico is quickly drawing to a close but luckily the weather is pretty nice at home so that will be a bonus.

And as for my teeth whitening, well, Doc talked me out of it.  Not really talked me out of it, but made me realize that getting that done was so out of character for me.  I’m fine with who I am and my teeth aren’t bad at all. Did I really want a strong solution of chlorine put directly on my teeth to be absorbed into my body and brain?  Why would I do that to myself?  So, I cancelled.

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