Friday, March 20, 2020

Home, not so Sweet Home, March 20, 2020

So I’ve been home 7 days and have been in isolation - well not really complete isolation because I was with my parents a couple of days and Jane and the kids for four days.  I’m not antsy - there’s piss all to do outside in -20 with the wind, my couch is comfortable and I have wifi.

Yesterday I vacuumed my place and my deck.  It was covered with bird shit and dirt, the deck that is.  My garden box lost a lot of soil due to wind erosion so I’ll have to cover it this fall.  I think someone in my building is feeding sparrows so they dine on their deck and shit on mine.  At least the pigeons didn’t spend the winter couch surfing like last year although there were two fluttering around this morning.  I’ll wait for it to warm up to wash everything off.

Besides that, I play a lot of Scrabble online - they’ve discontinued the real Scrabble app and come up with some new one that allows you to win points and diamonds that burst into points and other bullshit like that.  I think it’s a sad society that needs that kind of stimulus to play a game so I skip through all of that as fast as I can and dream of the good old days.

Oh and my Mexican sheets - the best sheets I ever slept on were in Bucerias so I made a special trip to the factory in Guadalajara to buy some.  They are yellow and look great in my room but even after washing, it felt like I was in a barn sleeping on straw bales.  So right now, they’re back in the washer in hot water and I may just keep on washing them until the fibres break down a bit, if they ever do.

I have also been watching tv - something I just about never do.  I like to watch the Riders and golf and pay close to $100/month for that luxury.  So I watched Schitt’s Creek - WTF I say, The Office - not quite as bad as Schitt’s Creek, Seinfeld which was really funny, The Simpsons - too whiny for me and Everybody Loves Raymond - I liked it.  Believe it or not, they were all new to me.  I’ll check out some more today.

I also watched Donald Trump address his people this morning.  I laughed - what a funny guy. The Chinese Virus - it is I guess and maybe it wouldn’t exist if they didn’t eat such weird shit.  Everyone is working really hard, really hard.  I liked how he spoke like a person, not a political robot and he stressed how Mexico isn’t being treated any differently than Canada at this time anyway as both borders are closed.

So, I guess I have another week left to spend by myself although I read today that symptoms present after two to four days of exposure.  I guess they don’t really know and we are lucky they haven’t suggested a month or a year of self isolation.

And the really bad news?  Based on my wine consumption last night, there is no way my supply will last another week....

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