Roatan, Honduras, March 8, 2017

After another good dive and lunch, we headed to the Carambola Botanical Gardens which is a 40 acre forest.  It must be a 'bad' time of year because we saw no fruit and few flowers.  We did see a few cacao pods-

And this lovely Heliconias=

The roots of this tree look like chicken feet.  I think it's a Cieba, but I'm not sure-

The walk was through all kinds of trees like mahogany and bamboo, as well as spices like ginger and cinnamon.  We should probably have paid an extra $10 US each for a guide and gotten more out of our visit, but we didn't so.....

There's a view of Anthony Key, a ritzy resort, from the top-

After, we came back for Happy Hour and more Monkey Lalas.  Probably the most interesting thing for me at the botanical garden was learning that a Monkey LaLa is more than a drink - it's an actual lizard, the striped Basilisk Lizard.  We didn't see one of them either!

We're diving again tomorrow and then who knows!


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