Saturday, March 25, 2017

Roatan, el veinte cinco de marzo, 2017

Time is flying!  I've been to the gym for 2 classes both Monday and Tuesday but was too stiff on Wednesday!  I went back for 2 more classes both Thursday and Friday.  Classes include Insanity, Piyo, Turbokick, Pilates and Barre.  So far so good-

The studio is a 3 minute scooter ride from where I live and it only costs $50 US/month for unlimited.  I'm planning to take at least 10 classes this coming week.  I've also had 4 days of 3 hours of Spanish this week.  My teacher, Mercedes, doesn't speak clearly and says a lot of words, that to me, aren't  necessary.  However, that's good because that's how the locals speak.  I am improving!

Last night was the 6th anniversary of the hostel.  Mel sprung for live music - Sopa entertained for 3 hours-

They played a variety of music from soft rock to reggae.  About 40 people attended.  I was the cook - the menu included 2 kinds of chicken wings, nachos, veggies and dip (no one wanted this), guacamole with pita bread, banana bread, rum punch, beer and spinach with dip.  I'm lucky I'm not a waitress.  I couldn't keep anything straight.  Menu helped out later on in the evening-

Today was my day off!  I went to West Beach, which thankfully was empty of cruise ship destroyers -

I'd like to try this but it takes a lot of practice and balance.  It costs $65 for 20 minutes-

Arlene, my friend from Australia, came along and we snorkeled and enjoyed Happy Hour at Las Rocas-

Looking forward to lunch at Hole in the Wall, near Jonesville and Garifuna dancers at Punto Gorda tomorrow!

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