Monday, March 20, 2017

Roatan, el diecinueve de marzo, 2017

I went to church this morning in West Bay - my family attends so thought I would check it out.  They hold it in a conference room at the Infinity Bay Resort.  The first half hour was singing, then we spent 10 minutes greeting one another, then a man spoke about a few Bible verses.  One thing I think I heard was that a person can't truly be a good person if they aren't a Christian.  I didn't like that one bit.  Not sure if I'll go back.  

I had lunch on a beach chair-

at Bananarama.  Unfortunately I had to 'work' from 1-4 so hurried back.  Because I wasn't cooking, I cleaned the kitchen - washed a few windows, bleached the countertops, washed the appliances sitting on the counters, wiped down the chairs in the dining room and washed both the kitchen and dining room floors.  Needless to say, it wasn't my favorite afternoon!  

At Bananarama, there are crab races Sunday afternoons - 180 crabs are numbered and put in a circle.  Viewers bet/buy the crabs and the first ones to walk out of the circle are the winners.  It was my plan to go and watch but my moto wouldn't start!  I called Jennifer and hopefully it will be fixed tomorrow.

On my end of the island, there are 3 main beaches:  West Bay - lovely, West End - small but nice and Sandy Bay, which is across the highway from where I'm now living.  The road into Sandy Bay is incredible-

Can you imagine driving on that often?

The beach isn't much better-

There's a lot of garbage lying around but there is apparently awesome snorkeling about 200 meters out.  It's been too windy to dive on this north side, let alone snorkel so I'll have to wait for calmer days.

Stopping in at Julia's tienda, she has this odd looking bag hanging from the ceiling-

She said it's for the mosquitoes.  They bite the bag and then get a snout full of water die.  She said it works but......  Kind of hard to believe!

Saturday afternoon/night there was a fundraiser at Lawson Rock for the Clinica Esperanza - the local health center.  Services are offered very cheaply and a lot of doctors come and volunteer.  We have a couple staying here right now.  Anyway, for $20 one could listen to continuous musical performances - the ones I heard were good: blues, country and rock.  There were food booths: a bakery, pizza, tortillas, pulled pork, etc, as well as alcohol.  There were quite a few people-

And the rain held off so hopefully they raised enough to keep their doors open awhile.  

I'm joining the gym for the next 3 weeks and planning to go to 2 classes/day.  I also have Spanish class right after for 3 hours and I'm back to cooking this week, although Mel's sister and her 2 kids went back to London, Ontario today so there may only be 4 of us for supper.  I can handle that!

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