Thursday, March 2, 2017

Utila, Honduras, el primero de marzo, 2017

We went diving this morning at 7:30-

  The bay is very calm but once past, it's really rough-

We went to the north side of the island first, then the second dive was at a closer place with a swim through.  We didn't see a lot of fish, but we did see a large turtle, lots of parrot fish in all stages of maturity, a three foot green eel, a black and white eel just peeking out of a hole, a huge crab hiding under a rock, Angel fish, a large and small cow fish, a huge school of blue and black Tang, lots of small fish of all colors: yellow, neon blue, black, yellow, grey, white and orange.  The coral is mostly yellow and brown with some purple and other bright colors. The first dive was 27 meters and the second only 18.  The water was so rough we lost the ladder which was hanging out the back. The waves would swell onto the boat and a couple of times it felt like we all might go flying off!  It was kind of fun!  Luckily the boat is not just a lancha but pretty big and obviously built for these waters-

Underwater Vision is a diving school with many 'kids' taking their open water, advanced and masters.  It's a really nice place to be!

We went down the street to Mango Tango for lunch.  It's above the water-

 Lunch was a delicious salad very well presented-

The Utila Dream ferry will take us to Roatan on Sunday.  After our morning on the rough water, it's obvious why it's the kind of boat it is-

Sunset from paradise-

Looking forward to diving a wreck tomorrow!!

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