Sunday, March 5, 2017

Roatan, Honduras, el cinco de marzo, 2017

We caught the Utila Dream ferry to Roatan.  It is a large and modern boat but the sea was rough so it felt like a wild ride at the fair.  Quite a few people were puking, but luckily, we didn't!  

Once in Coxen Hole, rather than pay $15 US for a taxi to our hotel, we took a collectivo for $1 US each to West End, then a water taxi for $3 US each to our hotel in West Bay.  Water taxis make frequent trips back and forth between West End and West Bay-

Happy hour is from 3-6 and we've discovered a new drink.  It's a Monkey LaLa: vodka, Baileys, Kahlua, Eagle Brand (I know!!!!) and coconut milk - all blended with chocolate syrup on top.  It's AWESOME!!! And you get 2 for $6!!!  We spent most of happy hour a block or two down from our hotel-

There isn't much beach but there are lots of people - on chairs and in the water-

Supper was calamari and butterfly coconut shrimp - wow!

I've rented a scooter for the week so we hope to do a lot of exploring as well as diving.  I'm really looking forward to my time here!

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  1. This all looks and sounds pretty cool, ESP. happy hour.


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