Saturday, March 18, 2017

Roatan, el dieciocho de marzo, 2017

So I'm back to taking Spanish lessons - the first day was 4 hours straight!  My head was spinning and my eyes were crossed when Mercedes left.  Unfortunately the hostel is too busy/noisy for us to find a quiet place so yesterday, day 2, I went to her house.  She's living in a studio apartment at Lawson Rock.  It's a gated, rich subdivision with many lots for sale with tremendous views to the Caribbean.  We only studied for 3 hours - that's enough at one time!

Tonight I walked across the carreterra back to my friend Julie's tienda.  She was having a party with her friends-

The music was blaring - I mean really really loud and Julie and her friend Amanda were dancing, almost grinding on each other!

Jose was just enjoying the show-

Julie has been on Roatan for 10 years, trying to make enough money to afford a house on the mainland in San Pedro Sula.  She has 3 children but I only met Maria, her youngest-

Beer is cheap - $1.42 and I get to practice speaking Spanish while there.

Even though it was Saint Patrick's Day, green beer wasn't available in West End.  I stopped at Sundowners, an expat hangout and when I asked if they had it, a man at the bar asked " Is it the 17th today?"  That sort of happens after awhile.

Cooking has been going fine - tonight I had veggie burgers (I never would have thought that's something I'd ever make!), beef burgers, home cut fries and all the trimmings ready to cook when I got a text that the family wouldn't be home for supper.  Oh well, they will eat it today at lunch.  Tomorrow is a day off and Sunday, no cooking either!  This working for a living is tough!

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