Sunday, March 26, 2017

Roatan, el veintiseis de marzo, 2017

Today was a big day!  After breakfast, I headed 35 kilometers east through Coxen Hole to Jonesville-

in search of Hole in the Wall restaurant-

where I had a lobster burger-

There was a ton of lobster in it but the bun could have been fresher.  Hole in the Wall is a wreck of a place on the edge of the bay.  The only way to get there is by boat.  Houses along the way are all on stilts-

Lobster and shrimp season is over so all the fishing boats are parked for a few months-

The boat with the long arm-

is a shrimp boat.

My next stop was Punta Gorda-

which has Garifuna music and dancing on Sundays-

Unfortunately the real craziness doesn't begin until 6 pm and by then it's dark and there is no way I'm trying to come home on my scooter with the super dim headlights.  Besides, I had to work today.  I've seen Garifuna dancing and music in Belize anyway.

I also stopped at Pristine Bay-

which has the only golf course on the island.  The Black Pearl is a links course-

that costs $97 US to play, including cart.  I'd also need to rent clubs $25 and find a shirt with a collar-

Only about 50 people play each day and there are around 120 members.  There's a tournament this coming weekend but unfortunately it's full.  Links courses aren't my favorite so I probably won't be playing, even though I think the price is pretty reasonable.

There are lots of beautiful homes along the fairways and the reef is very obvious!

I'm not sure how many of these monsters were here today-

but this is the only one I saw.  Notice the rusted shipwreck wasting away in the harbour!

The roads are pretty good east of Coxen Hole.  There are very few potholes - I think they keep this end of the island a mess so tourists feel badly and tip more.  I made good time going and coming - 6 hours with all my stops.  

Tonight is "Big Salad Night" so that's pretty easy and then it's back to working out and Spanish school tomorrow!

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