Dachau - Salzburg

When Will parked here in Dachau, the odometer turned to 666,666.  Very interesting, considering .......

Dachau , built in 1933, was the Nazi's first concentration camp.  More than 200,000 Jews, homosexuals, political prisoners and other "undesirables" were held here.  30,000 + died, and more perished while being transferred to other death camps.

Work Will Set You Free , found on the entrance gate-

This is a brief description of what led to World War II - 


 A monument depicting prisoners attempting to escape over the barbed wire fence-


Bunk beds-

The crematorium-

The Christian Memorial - 

The Jewish Memorial-

This monument says - "In honour of the dead and a warning to the living".   It is found outside the crematorium-

Just stopped for fuel, the first time since leaving London.  Here's what we paid and how much we got:

In case you can't read the liters, it's 192.

Here's the price of gas/diesel in Germany.  One euro = $1.50 Canadian (approximately).  


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