Friday, June 20, 2014

St John's, Newfoundland

Having my passport in hand for a mere 16 and a half hours and officially retiring 14 hours ago,  I'm waiting to start an historic tour of St. John's with Boyle Tours.  


 Typical Newfoundland row houses - horizontal siding and bright colors.

St. Thomas Anglican Church was built in 1836.  It is the oldest active Anglican Church in Newfoundland.

Saint John's Harbour-


  And what I really came for!



Cabot Tower-  I walked up via the road and down on the edge of the harbor.  Only fell once!  Unfortunately I missed the Geo Centre, which has a great exhibit about the Titanic.


The walking path to access Signal Hill and Cabot tower crosses this private deck.  That's not a problem here in Newfoundland-


I tried to get "screeched" but no bartender had time - bars are a busy place on a Friday in Newfoundland.  As far as I understand, screeching involves some poetry, some alcohol and some loving - one has to kiss a fish and at O'Reiley's, Seamus is a frozen cod kept in the freezer to be warmed up for this type of special cultural exchange.  A certificate is also awarded, making the whole process official.  I'm sorry I missed it.  Guess it means I'll have to come back.  

Flying to London tonight at 11 pm.

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  1. Great photos and what a wonderful way to start your trip. Looking forward to each post!


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