Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Salzburg, Austria

Beautiful Austria!

Upon arriving in Salzburg yesterday, a farmer was cutting hay-

Here he is, on the far right of the picture-

This is how he picked it up-

And then he put it in this beautiful new barn-

The Salzach River winds through the lovely city of Salzburg, Austria-

Salzburg is where Mozart lived over 250 years ago.  Here is a statue in his honour- 

The Christmas Store of Salzburg contains 50 - 60,000 hollowed out and decorated eggs used for Christmas decorations-

The formal gardens of the Schloss Mirabell were built by Wolf Dietrich, an archbishop prince, for his mistress in 1606-

He included fountains-

And Greek statues-

The Festung Hohensalzburg is a castle fortress built in 1077 by the archbishop-princes who ruled Salzburg from 798.  

In order to move goods from the river up to the castle, human power was used.  Here one can see a person walking in the wheel, to wind the rope, to lift the goods-

This mask from the torture chamber in the castle would have been worn  by someone caught lying-

This is a chastity belt - notice the heart in the front-

There is a marionette museum in the castle.  Here are some wooden marionette hands-

One of the many examples of Baroque style is the Dom Cathedral.  Notice the intricate plaster work on the ceiling and walls-

The graveyard by the St. Peterskirsche-

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