Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Map and Itinerary

This is 'sort of' a map of where we're going.  Initially, from Turkey, we were going to Iran, Pakistan and into India, but due to conflict in Pakistan, our route has been changed.  Now from Turkey, we head north through Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, cross the Caspian Sea to Turkmenistan and then the map shows our route. I've also included our itinerary. 


  1. Hey Crazy Lady! In case you thought no one was reading your blog, just want you to know I take a peek at it on my ipad once in a while with an rss reader. Haven't seen a post since the windshield got broken when your group was trying to fix up your car to get into China. Hope all is well and you're having fun!


  2. This is a very different trip and route we did on our trip, ours was longer as well

    We had a guide who turned out to be a leader, never knew anything about any of the places we went to, had never done an overland trip before and wasnt a very good guide or leader
    She did all the shopping, controlled all the local payment
    It was found out after, she took a commision from anything we bought (carpets, rugs) and from any trips she booked for us
    Our driver was just that , a driver, he couldnt change any of our punctures or the blow out we had, he had to rely on one of our passengers to do that
    Never joined in with the cooking or cleaning, he dressed like a bin man
    At least on this trip you have the owners with you, so you are going to have an incredible trip/journey
    Cant compare this trip to our trip, different route, different guide, different driver, shorter trip, better people on your trip

    My trip was 2 years ago so things must have got better


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