Sunday, June 22, 2014

London, France, Belgium

Happy Summer!

What a beautiful morning! Here is our itinerary for the next couple of weeks-

And what a great truck! 

There are 17 of us in 24 seats so we each have our own double seat and it's very comfortable-

We crossed the Channel via ferry at Dover to Calais, France-

The French have an interesting law.  I wonder how this might fly in Canada?

Will, our driver and tour operator, is in the cab completely separated from us.  To contact him, we have a doorbell - 1 ring means we need a bathroom stop, 2 rings is for a photo stop and 3 rings means pull over right now!  

Our first one ring was this afternoon and the bathroom didn't disappoint.  I've always been fascinated by toilets and for 50 cents (Euro), this one was ultra modern, unisex and super clean-


We have formed groups of 2 for cooking.  When it's your turn, you're responsible to set up the kitchen, make supper, clean up and put away for the night.  Usually, lots of the group is bored, so everyone pitches in.  

 Will, the tour operator and driver, me and my cook partner,  David from Wimbeldon-

The cook group also has to make breakfast the next morning - muesli, yogurt, fruit, toast, instant coffee ;(  and of course tea, tea, tea - Brit's are crazy for tea!  The following day, upon arriving at the next camp site, you also have to sweep out the bus and if it's been a particularly hard day, wash the floor.  We're also very lucky because we have a fridge on the truck - apparently not something that every overland group enjoys.

David and I are Group 1 so it was our turn last night and we were up at 5 to get breakfast ready for 6.  The good thing is, we only have to cook once every 8 days.

 David making spaghetti sauce-

One benefit as the cook group is that you get to sleep on the truck so you don't have to set up your tent.  I chose to sleep in my tent anyway - first night and all.

 My tent is the white and orange one- 

It's off to Augsburg, Germany  at 7 am tomorrow.  It's a 600 km drive so will take most of the day.
Loving it, so far!

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