Saturday, June 21, 2014



Had a great sleep on the plane but had to scramble in Dublin airport to get checked in and then ended up running to catch my flight!

Fall #2 occured in the Tube - I'm laden down like a pack mule with my tent sticking out on my left and my sleeping bag on the right.  I tried to sit on 2 seats but they're divided with a hard plastic partition, which I didn't see.  While standing to slide over, I bruised my tailbone on the partition, then fell fully forward onto the floor! WTF I thought, as I picked myself up with the help of some kind bloke.


The Abercorn Hostel in Hammersmith is conveniently located close to the Tube and shopping.  

What better way to pass the afternoon than sitting in an outdoor pub.  Works for me!

     Rather a pained look taking my first selfie!

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  1. I think that is the same place we all met up for our trip

    We had 2 Canadians,

    1 Aussie (who was using the trip to get home)

    2 Germans

    The rest were English/Scots/Welsh/Irish

    Ages ranged from 18 to 71

    It was quite a mixed bunch on our trip

    Some had done trips before, some had never been on a trip like this, some had never stayed in a tent, some had never cooked for a group, most had never lit a fire before, let alone cook on one

    It was to prove an interesting trip


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