Thursday, December 11, 2014

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Chinatown in Kuala Lumpur is a busy place-

The Guan Di Chinese Buddhist Temple is named after Guan Di who was also called the 'God of War'.  He was a great fighter so people pray to him asking for protection and his blessings-

These are incense cones, lit and smoking-

These women are making packages of paper money and incense as offerings.  They will be burned-

The National Mosque holds 15,000 people.  Appropriate dress is required to visit-

The Islamic Arts Museum houses the history of Islam with many items, including a collection of coins, this one from 658 AD

to steel pierced alums (flags) from 1705 AD or 1117 AH-

AH is similar to AD but it's when Mohammed visited the city of Medina - July 16, 622.  That was Day 1.

These are silver gilt pectoral plates from the 19th century AD / 13th century AH

A shield from the same time period-

Steel helmets - 18th century AD/ 12th century AH

There were many models of mosques from around the world.  This is Mecca-

Christmas is everywhere.  This is a tree made out of clear empty water bottles-

Another mall "in the spirit"-

Tomorrow we're on our way to Singapore!

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