Friday, December 12, 2014


Today was our last truck day.  Adam pulled into the unloading zone and we were out-

It's a very sad time.  The last 5 months 22 days have flown by and the truck has been our "home".

Singapore is a large, modern and very expensive city.  Translated, the 20 cherries cost $5.95 Canadian, the oranges and apples $3.46 Cad, and the chicken $7.00.

I was a bit worried when I saw the mall the Harley store was in-

There was a $78 t-shirt there, but other prices were reasonable so it was okay.  

There are strict rules here.  If you bring tobacco in to the country, you're heavily taxed.  Cigarettes cost about $11.00 Canadian for 20.  You can only drink alcohol and smoke in certain places.  You can't litter or jay walk, however, people break these rules all the time.  You just don't want to get caught - obviously.  

All the stores are in the mood for Christmas with some great decorations-

I'm looking forward to a Singapore Sling tomorrow at the Raffles Hotel!

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