Saturday, December 27, 2014

Diving, Gizo, Solomon Islands

A typical dive boat in Gizo-
When bread fruit is really ripe, it's soft and turns yellow. You peel off the skin and eat it. If I were to eat this one now, I would peel it, slice it and bake it or fry it in a pan because it's not quite ripe.  It tastes and looks like dough-
Dives 1 and 2 were sort of disappointing! In 2007, a tsunami went through wiping out most of the coral. It's slowly making a comeback. We did see a very large school of 3 to 4 foot barracuda and a huge parrot fish - you know them because they have a hump that looks like a parrot's beak on their head. We also saw numerous schools of fish, a turtle, an eagle ray, a couple sting rays and a new coral for me - it looks dark green but that means its red (the light changes the colour). It was very nice. I think I've been spoiled with Sail Rock, Thailand and Bali! I hate to complain - I'm diving, not shovelling snow!
Lunch was on a secluded island-

 prepared for us by the dive masters while we enjoyed the beach and bathtub temperature water-
We had a bbq of dolphin fish -mahi mahi, that they cooked on this grate, squash wedges (but they call it pumpkin), rice and fruit- watermelon, cucumber and pineapple, all served on a kerosene leaf-
Tonight is New Year's Eve. Lots of people are heading to Kennedy Island for drinking, a bbq and a bonfire. I'm spending the evening updating my blog and listening to a local band-
who are playing a lot of songs I don't know!  Happy New Year everyone!  I hope 2015 is a healthy and fun year!

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